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    Hi! We're Fanny Factory, a small online startup that sells fun fanny packs and custom fanny packs

    Our mission is to eliminate the social stigma of the fanny pack so that men and women can rock the hands-free life without worry or shame. By embracing the fanny pack as the ultimate music festival, travel and exercise accessory, we are saying NO to sweat stains from backpacks and GOODBYE to heavy purse syndrome.

    You could say we're reclaiming the fanny pack. We've souped-up the classic 90s-era packs with extra storage, water-resistant fabric and a huge array of bold patterns. There's something for everyone - head over to our shop to check all our styles out.

    #ShowUsYourFanny on social media and stand with us in solidarity as we #BringBackThePack for good!

    Fanny Factory Fanny Packs for Music Festivals