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    Why Designing Custom Fanny Packs for Your Event Is A Good Idea

    Although incredibly popular amongst travellers and music festival enthusiasts, fanny packs are often overlooked completely when it comes to brand endorsements and promotional events. If you’re not using fanny packs as a part of the promotional campaign at your event, you’re missing out on the opportunity to build life-long connections with your audience.

    If you’re considering creating your own custom fanny pack for your brand, visit our custom fanny pack webpage to get some ideas and to contact us!

    You see, unlike handouts that most event organizers tend to stick to, a fanny pack has an intrinsic practical advantage that almost anyone can appreciate, whether they are interested in your brand or not. Moreover, fanny packs allow you to get more creative in terms of how you represent your event and also build a good rapport in terms of how willing you are to go above and beyond to engage your audience.

    Custom Fanny Packs for Breweries, Events, Your Brand or Sports Team

    Fanny Factory fanny packs are an attractive option for a number of reasons. They’re fashionable, water-resistant, highly portable and perfect for events because they have a hands-free design. By building your very own custom fanny packs for your event, you can instantly stand out from the crowd and grab your audiences’ attention. You can get as creative as you want with the design of the fabric. You can bring in your own logo and branding, develop a custom pattern, experiment with colors, add embroidery, and more. You can even create a custom tag with your brand logo so your customers and audience are reminded of you whenever they use that fanny pack.

    Because the nature of large events allows you to engage with diverse groups of people from all different backgrounds, having a custom branded fanny pack will help you build connections, and can be a wonderful strategic tool to help promote your brand and make your company stand out from the crowd. 

    Your Fanny, Your Rules! Show-off Your Personal Style with a Customized Fanny Pack!

    From European skiers in the 70s to rave-enthusiasts in the 80s, fanny packs have stood the test of time and beat all the odds to still stay relevant in the fashion-accessory industry. These multi-purpose pouches have evolved tremendously over the years in terms of their design, style as well as the nature of usage. Fanny packs are more than just a fanny travel accessory and even that is an understatement. Don’t believe us? Stick around till the end and we are sure you’ll change your mind. 

    Custom Fanny Packs

    Have it your way

    For better or for worse, companies have recently begun shedding the one-size-fits-all philosophy. Personalized products are the next big thing with more and more brands embracing this ideology and incorporating it into their business models. But let’s not get all technical – the reason why fanny packs have retained their appeal over the years is because not only do they offer a wide variety of benefits (light-weight, easy to carry, etc.), but they also somehow have this remarkable capacity for customization. Let’s take a look at some interesting uses for custom fanny packs

  • Fanny Packs for Players
  • Fanny packs are ideal for sports – whether its rugby, basketball, volleyball, fanny packs can come in real handy on the field. And with greater customization options, you can easily personalize the fanny packs to reflect the team’s logo and emblem. In fact, supporters can also get customized fanny packs before they hit the games to show solidarity and support for their favorite team. 

  • For Company Employees 
  • Fanny packs are a very trendy and handy product that can easily carry your company logo for promotional purposes. You can get customized fanny packs for your company employees featuring the company logo. Alternatively, you can choose specific colors that reflect your company well and get a tag line engraved that shows what your company stands for. Either way, fanny packs are a great way to show-off your brand in a subtle but hip way. 

  • Event Launches & Merchandise 
  • Fanny packs make for excellent merchandise. Whether you want to promote a new product, show-off a music band or simply get people excited for a specific sports-team, providing them with a customized fanny pack can be a great way to engage them and allow them to show their support. Businesses and new companies can drive sales with customized fanny packs at event launches and also use them for promotional purposes at the same time. 

  • Giveaways & Gifts
  • Light-weight, durable and plenty of space to carry stuff, fanny packs can be used as giveaways and make for very practical gifts at company events. You can customize your fanny pack and design it according to the theme of the event. Include goodies and insert fun things inside the fanny packs for some added surprise as you give the gifts away. 

  • Wedding Favors
  • Spice up your wedding by including wedding favors in the fanny packs for destination weddings. Customize the fanny pack to reflect the wedding theme and give your wedding guests a memorable wedding favor that is sure to make their day! 

    Thinking of getting yourself a customized fanny pack? Fanny Factory can help you design your very own fanny pack that reflects your personal style and taste. We also handle custom fanny packs for company and organizations so that you can feature your brand and team in the fun-nest way possible.

    Our top picks of the best places to ski in North America

    North America is recognized as the hub of skiing and snowboarding resorts globally, offering some of the best variety of terrain you could possibly find, with varying levels of difficulty.

    Places like Colorado, Whistler and Vermont experience heavy snowfall and feature majestic mountains, making them ideal locations for skiing and snowboarding.

    Fanny Factory for stylisjh skiing fanny packs

    Now that winter is here, it’s the best time to plan a skiing trip with your family and friends. And while you’re packing for your skiing adventure, be sure to include fanny packs as well. Fanny packs are the ideal accessory to take on a skiing trip. They are lightweight, can hold all your important stuff (think: protein bars) and easily fit in with your skiing attire.

    The next important step is to select a location that matches your skill level. While skiers agree that selecting the best location is a matter of personal preference and skill level, it can be hard for those just starting out to decide on a location that will work best. In this article, we’ve narrowed down some ideal skiing locations across North America that people with all levels of experience can enjoy.

    1. Telluride

    Telluride is a staple amongst the skiing community and is recognized as the best town for skiing related activities in North America. There are plenty of skiing opportunities here for people with all levels of skill. Beginners can enjoy the Galloping Goose while experts can get their adrenaline pumping by covering the steepness of the Gold Hill chutes. The best time to visit Telluride is in spring. The town is also filled with several eateries and shops that should check out.

    2. Jackson Hole

    Another great skiing location for all experience levels. Jackson Hole has probably the most tough terrain you could come across, but the path has been adjusted to suit both experienced, intermediate and beginner skill levels. There is even a kid-friendly ski instruction center known as the Solitude Station. The biggest advantage of this location is that it is ideal for all four seasons, so you can come visit any time. And while you’re there, be sure to sample the après ski. Head down to Mangy Moose, one of Jackson Hole’s most popular après ski venues, to enjoy a drink or two.

    3. Snowbird

    Snowbird is another great location for skiing. Snowbird offers consistency when it comes to weather conditions – consistency that is hard to find elsewhere. The location gets steady snowfall that makes the terrain perfect for an exciting skiing experience. If you’re traveling with a group of friends, you can also take a trip to the Little Cottonwood Canyon, which is a destination in itself and definitely worth seeing. You can check out the shops there and maybe grab a bite at one of the restaurants. You’ll be doing a lot of walking here so be sure to have your fanny packs ready. 

    4. Whistler Blackcomb

    This list would not be complete without Whistler Blackcomb, the largest skiing resort in North America. Professionals might enjoy the vertical drop of the terrain here, which is the second largest in North America. Whistler Blackcomb features two mountains, providing terrain suitable for diverse experience levels.

    5. Steamboat

    Last up on the list is another favorite of ours called Steamboat, often referred to as Ski Town. While most ski resorts are established as tourist spots, Steamboat is the real deal. Steamboat has more to offer in terms of skiing than a lot of other resorts. The location receives a considerable amount of snow which makes it perfect for skiing. If you’re planning to visit this location, be sure to check out the shops here too, particularly Ski Haus.

    We hope this list helps you decide on a location that is best suited to your skiing skill level. And for all of you adrenaline junkies out there, make sure you pack all the essentials before making the trip. A fanny pack always comes in handy, take it from us! Let us know what location is on your list for your next skiing trip.

    Fanny Packs make the best Christmas gifts, here’s why!

    With the holidays just around the corner, the shopping frenzy is about to begin. And when you’ve got so much else to plan and prepare, looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family can become a challenge. And while there are plenty of amazing options you can choose from, a fanny pack makes for a wonderfully unique Christmas gift that is both stylish and practical at the same time. Here are some of the reasons why fanny packs make the best Christmas gifts:

    Fanny Pack Christmas Gift from Fanny Factory

    1. Very Affordable

    The holidays are all about spreading joy. Giving your friends and your loved ones gifts is one way to do that. For those of you who are on a tight budget this Christmas, fret not! Fanny packs are a highly affordable gift option that you can take advantage of. They don’t cost that much at all and make for a very fancy gift.

    2. Diverse Colors & Designs

    Fanny packs come in all sorts of colors and designs so you can pick the ones you like easily. From industrial and rugged designs to floral and funky ones with popping colors, there are endless options for you to choose form. Fanny packs also have a very practical design that is suitable for both men and women.

    3. Multipurpose Accessory

    Your friends will love this thoughtful gift because it’s a multipurpose accessory. Fanny packs can be worn to parties as an accessory with any outfit especially when moving around with a huge bag is inconvenient. If you have friends who love to travel, then these fanny packs would instantly become their go-to travel companion. So, your Christmas gift shopping list should definitely include fanny packs.

    4. Long-Lasting

    Fanny packs have great durability and can last a very long time, making them ideal as gifts. If you’re looking for gift options that will be remembered as well as used for a long time, fanny packs are a fantastic option.

    5. Simple & Elegant

    Fanny packs are designed for simplicity and elegance. They may come in different colors and designs but their basic structure remains constant. That simplicity and elegance makes them idea to wear with any dressing style. This makes them a great Christmas gift.

    There are plenty of more reasons why fanny packs are a great gift option for Christmas. This holiday season, remember to include these unique packs in your shopping list. You won’t regret it, we promise.

    Top 5 Fanny Packs That Spiced Up Halloween

    Halloween is the perfect opportunity to explore your creative side. Not only do you have the freedom to be whoever you like, you also have the liberty to dress however you like. No matter how simple or dramatic the look, for Halloween, everything works! The festivity may have ended, but there are still plenty of costume ideas in store that you can use for your look next year. And fanny packs are the perfect way to add both convenience and style to your Halloween costume.

    The best part about fanny packs is that they work with any kind of all kinds of costume designs and both men and women can easily use them to spice up their costumes. We’ve selected our top five favorite fanny packs that spiced up Halloween this year and tailored our list to include several options. Let’s dive into it.

    Fanny Factory fanny packs for all types of people and events1. Floral Print Fanny Pack That Screams Fall

    The first on the list is the floral print fanny pack that is perfect for fall and works surprisingly well with dark colored Halloween costumes. If you want to wear a dark cape or perhaps dress up as the grim reaper, this fanny pack will fit right in with your costume without a problem. Get yours here.

    Classic Black Fanny Pack for Hallowee2. Go All Black Fanny Pack

    If your costumer includes a black jacket (think: Jessica Jones) or coat, you can pair it with a completely black fanny pack to blend it right in. These fanny packs with their black sleek surface add a unique sophistication to the overall Halloween look while retaining a sense of spookiness at the same time. You can get yourself one for next year right now.

    3. Furred Fanny Pack

    Sometimes taking risks with your Halloween costume is worth it. For those of you who are feeling a little more adventurous, you can add a furred fanny pack to your costume. It will not only be an attention grabber but might also add a fun element to your overall costume. Furred fanny packs work best with coats and jackets.

    4. Go Minimal Fanny Pack

    Minimalism is a massive movement that has taken the fashion and design community by the storm. This Halloween plenty of minimal fanny packs were a popular choice. A minimal fanny pack allows you to add convenience to your costume without attracting to much attention. It’s simply and works well with all kinds of Halloween costumes.

    Neon Green Fanny Pack for Halloween and Other Holidays5. Neon Colored Fanny Pack

    Wear a neon colored fanny pack over your black costume for next Halloween and you’ll be glowing in the dark. Neon fanny packs are a statement element in the overall costume design and attract instant attention by being the focus. Get yourself one here.

    And that concludes our list of the top five fanny packs that spiced up Halloween this year. What fanny pack did you like best? Let us know in the comment section below.