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    At Fanny Factory, we bring you the best of fashion nostalgia with our line of awesome, high quality fanny packs. Super trendy and hip, our fanny packs mix the best of the 90s with awesome retro prints, fun cute patterns (pineapple fanny pack anyone?), and bold neon colours. And with tons of styles to choose from, there's a fanny pack for everyone!

    You may be asking yourself, are fanny packs really cool again? The answer is YES. The 90s are back, baby, so get out your choker necklaces and jelly sandles! These fanny packs will transform you into a bodacious babe straight outta Alicia Silverstone's Clueless!

    Beyond fashion, there are tons of other benefits to sporting a fanny pack. Also known as a waist pack, they clip around your waist so you can chill and be hands-free. Or you can sling your pack around your shoulder and rock it front-on or backwards. The choice is yours! Fanny Factory packs are basically souped-up version of the classic fanny pack - we've included tons of extra features to sweeten the deal for our customers. First there's the multitude of pockets - 5 in fact - so that you can organize like a boss. We got our main large compartment, plus a small front pouch, a medium-sized back pouch, and interior pocket and an extremely special hidden pocket (under the top flap, shhh!) for your extra secret items. All these compartments come with premium YKK zippers so that your ish stays safe and secure. Obvi. Next up we got our luxe fabric - super durable and water-resistant (what what!) so that you can bascially take this fanny pack anywhere without being worried. Seriously. And if you use our recommended inside pocket for your phone, you'll definitely be winning at life.

    One of the things people love about Fanny Factory is our huge variety of prints. Our fanny packs come in so many unique patterns and colors, it's no wonder that men and women alike can't get enough! From flamingos, to pineapples, to ice cream cones, to paint splatters, and daisies, we are trend hunters and have something for everyone. Plus, our selection is always being updated, so remember to check our store every so often! 'Cause you can never have too many fanny packs!

    A lot of people love to bring their fanny pack to a music festival. It makes a statement, and it's just so convenient at the same time! Imagine not having to worry about holding a purse when you're standing outside in crowds for 8 hours a day!? I rest my case. Your fanny pack will keep all your stuff close to you in crowds while letting you roam wild and free! It's also an amazing travel accessory in hot climates (eff the backpack, ain't nobody got time for back sweat!), and it will help you pack light for days when you wanna get lost in Paris, or bike down the Inca valleys of Peru!

    But a fanny pack isn't just for special occasions like vacations and concerts. Restaurant and bar servers love them for their convenience and style while on the job. Personal trainers (and their clients) use them all the time at the gym or on a morning run. Even dog owners rave about how conveniently they can store pooch paraphernalia for their daily walks! Your fanny pack will be there for you, whatever you're doing!

    Fanny Factory's mission is to #BringBackThePack and get our fanny packs in the hands of as many festival-goers, travel junkies, and exercise buffs as possible. We ship for FREE throughout Canada and the USA. Our checkout experience is fast and secure, and backed by The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) so you can have full confidence placing an order online. Check out our shop today!