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    News — Cycling

    Fanny For Everyone: Riding Around the City

    You're heading out for a two-wheeled tour around the city and don’t want to feel the weight of a backpack, not to mention the sweat stains that fester under the large obstruction on your back. If you're like me you don't want to be carrying too much extra weight when you're bobbing and weaving through traffic. You want it to just be you and your superior machine, perhaps the new Regal Spectre, riding smoothly along the pavement.

    Fanny Factory fanny packs for cyclists

    To make your riding experience the most pleasurable it can be, you bring your fanny pack along with you. In it, you pack some key items to support all aspects of your ride, whether it's a leisurely cruise or a grueling slog.

    Our Packed Fanny Pack Riding Essentials:

    #1 Multitool

    #2 Powerbar
    A hard ride can expend a lot of calories so replenishing is important. A powerbar is the perfect snack that takes up little space in your fanny but fills up your belly.

    #3 Spare T-Shirt
    Any physical activity performed intensely enough will cause the body to perspire, especially in the heat of the summer. During the ride it's not so much of a concern but when you get to where you're going, I'm sure your guests would appreciate a nice clean T.

    #4 Cell Phone
    There's not many places we go without our cell phones these days and a ride is no exception. Whether it's to text a friend to join you on your cycling adventure, call up a buddy to help you out of a jam, get the location of the pub in town, convert kPa to PSI, or just for peace of mind, the cell phone is the ultimate all-purpose tool.

    #5 Money Clip
    The money clip can be a great space saver. Sometimes you don’t need your entire purse or wallet, a credit card and a couple twenties will do just fine.

    #6 Spare air tube
    The road can be a precarious area for a soft rubber tire, so it's best to be prepared. With the right tools in your road side kit, a flat can be fixed at the point of puncture. Having a spare on you during the ride can save a lot of time and money.

    #7 Compact Pump
    The spare air tube isn't going to be much help without air. A compact pump will provide you with at least enough air to get to the nearest gas station where you can pump your new tire up to sufficient pressure.