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    News — tropicool

    5 fanny pack essentials to make your dog walk even better!

    The summer is coming to an end, the colder weather is kicking in, but now is just as important as ever to make sure you get outside with your pup to give him/her plenty of exercise. If you live downtown and have to travel to a nearby park (hopefully off-leash!), here are some items that you can make that trip a bit easier and of course that will fit into your fanny pack!

    Fanny Packs for dog walking

    Travel bottle

    This travel bottle will take a bit of space in your fanny pack, but is essential if you are going on a long hike with your pooch. It allows you to re-hydrate your friend, after he or she has been chasing the ball around all afternoon.

    Poo bags

    These bags from Earth Rated are made from vegetable-based materials and are 100% plastic-free. These bags will fit into your typical bag roller and of course inside your Fanny Factory fanny pack. For ease, make sure to get one that clips to your leash - it will help!


    Pedigree offers a wide variety of treats that are not only healthy, but good for your dog’s teeth and digestive function. Be sure to bring a few extra treats if you are going to the dog park!

    Fanny Factory Fanny Packs for dogs


    Getting a leash that is compact enough to fit in your fanny pack is great if you going to let your doggy off leash. If you are just going for a quick jaunt, check out this leash that really is an all-in-one carrier. This will free up some of that fanny pack space for owner treats and goodies!! This leash has a flashlight, food carrier, poo bag and pop up water bowl.


    With so many dog toys on the market it is tough to pick just one. Click here to check out a list of exciting new toys that not only provide your pup with hours of entertainment, but are actually stimulating and help them learn.

    Fanny Packs hold all your dog treats

    Fanny packs also make the perfect gift for the dog person in your life that has everything! Priced under $25, they are a great Christmas gift for a coworker, teacher, or family member and will make their dog walk much more stylish! Buy a cute fanny pack today!