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    News — fanny pack for exercise

    5 Unexpected Places Where a Fanny Pack Comes in Handy

    You can't help but fall in love with all the cute and cool fanny pack patterns from Fanny Factory. But did you know they can be way more than a sweet fashion statement? There are tons of situations where a fanny pack should be your go-to accessory. A fanny pack can even save your life!

    Fanny Packs for Music Festivals

    #1 Music Festival

    If you've gone to a music festival once or a hundred times, you know why fanny packs are so clutch. Long days in the sun, in crowds, a fanny pack clips around your waist so you have your hands free for everything else. You can hold food and drink, dance freely, all the while being worry-free because your belongings are safe and secure in your pack. Even if it rains, Fanny Factory fanny packs are water resistant - we got you covered!

    #2 Traveling

    Whether you're backpacking, road-tripping or traveling in luxury, a fanny pack is your true companion. Pack just your essentials in your fanny pack for an easy day trip, or strap it tight while you mountain bike in the jungle. Wherever you wander, your fanny factory will keep your stuff safe and your hands free.

    #3 Exercising

    When you're working out, the last thing you need is a heavy backpack weighing you down. Just zip, clip and head out the door with only the things you need, tied lightly around your waist or across your back. Use a fanny pack on the hiking trails, the bike paths, while jogging or at your gym, and feel the sweet relief of freedom!

    #4 At Work

    Depending on your job, a fanny pack at work could change your life. Restaurant servers, personal trainers, bike couriers and teachers would all benefit from wearing a fanny pack. When you work on your feet for 6 hours + per day, anything you can do to make your life more comfortable is a plus. Store your phone in your fanny pack for quick access, and keep all your essentials close to your body even on the busiest days. It's one less thing to think about!

    #5 Hold your EpiPen

    Unless you have a serious allergy, you won't understand how inconvenient it can be to hold your EpiPen medication with you wherever you go. But in some cases, it's a matter of life and death. Keep your EpiPen or other important medications safe and near to you by using a fanny pack. Fanny Factory's fun and retro patterned fanny packs are especially great for kids or young people to bring with them to school. Try the pineapple or ice cream print!


    To see more of the fanny-tastic benefits of wearing a fanny pack, check out this sweet video!