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    News — Music Festival Fashion

    Bringing Back the Fanny Pack

    Why the Fanny Pack?


    The fanny pack is probably the most polarizing fashion accessory out there. Visions of embarrassing parentals come to mind at the very mention. But the fanny pack can be more than your dad's conveniently functional Disneyland accessory. It can be cool, cute, fun and even fancy.

    Here at Fanny Factory, we're reclaiming the fanny pack by taking its best features and making them better. And then punching up the style factor with awesome trendy patterns and prints.

    Cool Fanny Packs by Fanny Factory


    Wear a fanny pack and enjoy:

    • Convenience. Fanny packs let you live the hands-free life by awesomely strapping around your waist or your upper body. Your body does the carrying for you. Just ZIP, CLIP and GO! #Freedom
    • Efficiency. Get at your stuff easily with one hand - no more digging around the depths of your purse for your keys. Plus with our 5 separate zipped compartments, everything has its own place and you can easily organize.
    • Comfort. Our fanny packs are lightweight and sit easily on the body. Hot weather and crowds are no match for the fanny pack!
    • Security. Fanny Factory straps have a side-release buckle so you're extra secure (no one can sneak up on you from behind to unclip your fanny!)
    • Fabulosity. This may not 100% be a word, but it's a thing. When you rock a Fanny Factory fanny pack you are making a bold and fabulous fashion statement. You go girl. #OnFleek


    Cute Fanny Packs for Music Festivals


    The Best Fanny Packs Around

    What makes our fanny packs so special, you ask? There's a lot:

    • Our fanny packs are the best size: We believe your fanny pack should carry everything you need. Ours are large enough for all your essentials plus more and don't look bulky on the body.
    • We have the hottest styles: we've kept the cool rounded pack shape of the classic 90s fanny pack and given the fabric a serious upgrade. It's water-resistant and comes in tons of rad prints – from ice cream cones, to retro geometric patterns, to grungey florals, to pop-art – we've got something for every personality.
    • Top quality: Fanny Factory fanny packs come with premium YKK zippers and a YKK buckle, plus 600D polyester fabric that's both water-resistant and washable.
    • They're a fashion statement: wearing a Fanny Factory fanny pack isn't just smart, functional and convenient. It's also edgy AF. Stand out at music festivals, while traveling, or even at the gym. There is no proper time or place for coolness. Coolness is a mindset – if you've got it, you're wearing a fanny pack.
    • Hidden pocket: you may like to make a splash with your outfits, but everyone needs a little privacy some times. We've included a hidden pocket under the flap of every Fanny Factory fanny pack for your most personal and discreet items.

    The Best Fanny Packs available online


    Why Bring the Fanny Pack Back Now?

    There's no better time than now for the glorious return of the fanny pack. 90s fashion is back and accessories from your childhood have become cool again. The choker necklace, high-waisted jeans, crop tops, a plaid shirt tied around your waist – these are all fashion relics from the 90s that have made a chic comeback. If the fanny pack is wrong, we don't wanna be right!

    Hipster Fanny Factory Retro 90s Fashion Fanny Pack