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    5 ways you can use a fanny pack to boost your event or meeting!

    Say goodbye to delegate bags, pens, flyers and all things that no one ever looks at when attending an event. Want to make splash at your conference, tradeshow, meeting or event? Look no further than the fanny pack!

    Custom Fanny Packs at a trade show

    1. Customize your pack

    What better way to show off your brand, logo or event than customizing a fanny pack that you can hand out as gifts or takeaways at your event. Not only will people love them, they will continue to wear them long after your event is over, sharing your brand with the world. Just be careful if you are using them for a wedding – people may not walk around with Mr. and Mrs. headshots around their waist.

    2. Incorporate your sponsors/partners

    Think of the possibilities! You can include funky items from your sponsors in the fanny packs when handing them out! We have seen travel kits, festival survival guides, tradeshow information and beer kits! This is where you can get creative!

    3. Exhibitor Kits

    What cooler way to involve your exhibitors at a tradeshow than giving them their kit in a fanny pack? You can give them an exhibitor prospectus, show room map and other cool items in their fanny pack. They can also wear it for the duration of the tradeshow.

    4. Gamification USE AN EVENT APP!

    In the app you can integrate the fanny pack as part of your overall marketing strategy and get attendees to meet people and network around the fanny pack. For example: each person could have a code or item in their fanny pack and other attendees must network with them to get the code to get points for a contest in the app! Think of the fun you could have.

    5. Leverage its uniqueness

    The fanny pack wave is here and using fanny packs as part of your event strategy can set you up to be totally different! Talk up your packs before the event or perhaps even use them as a mail out item to entice people to attend. You could send out “pre-conference kits or invitation” in the fanny pack. Imagine your event is in Miami, how cool would it be to get a fanny pack invitation? The sky is the limit!

    Don’t underestimate the power of the

    Bringing back the pack, one festival at a time!

    If you haven’t noticed, this may be the summer of the fanny pack! Maybe we said that in 2017, but we really mean it this year! We at Fanny Factory have been traveling across North America trying to find new festival goers to check out our packs. Lollapalooza, Coachella, Burning Man, Bonnaroo, and so many others to choose from, we have had an extremely busy summer!

    Fanny Factory at Boots and Hearts country music festival

    We found a festival outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada called Boots and Hearts that we fell in love with. We weren’t sure how the country fans would like the packs, but let me tell you, in the words of Trace Adkins, these country fans were rockin’ fanny packs on their “honky tonk badonkadonks.” Pick-up trucks, cowboy boots and hats, Texas ties, and you guessed it FANNY PACKS - made up the attire of these country music fans.

    Needless to say, we will be going back next year and hey, maybe we will hit up some Jazz festivals – what do you think? Let us know where you think we should be spreading the good word and helping to bring back the pack!

    The Rise of the Fanny Pack

    From style to comedy, was 2017 the year of the fanny pack? Or, will 2018 outpace 2017 with more celebrities rocking fannies as part of their duds this year? Let’s start with the craziest packs – 2017 had the Dad-Bod pack, remember that?

    The Dad Bod Fanny Pack No One Asked For

    But wait! 2018 already has the Super bowl pack...

    Neither are stylish per se, but we will give credit - that one is hilarious, and the other seems super functional!

    Now for style! Here is the short list of celebs that rocked a fanny pack from red carpet events to every day wear! Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner Fergie, Anne Hathaway, Kate Bosworth, Dwayne Wade, Karlie Kloss, Sofia Richie. WOAH, 2018 better step it up!

    From functionality to style, fanny packs have it all. Whether you are wearing them to be funny, ironic or downright stylish, we don’t care, as long as you are hands free! Who do you think will wear it best for 2018? And can someone take the fanny pack to a new level? We will see…

    Fanny Factory Retro Paint Splatter Fanny Pack

    Fanny For Everyone: Riding Around the City

    You're heading out for a two-wheeled tour around the city and don’t want to feel the weight of a backpack, not to mention the sweat stains that fester under the large obstruction on your back. If you're like me you don't want to be carrying too much extra weight when you're bobbing and weaving through traffic. You want it to just be you and your superior machine, perhaps the new Regal Spectre, riding smoothly along the pavement.

    Fanny Factory fanny packs for cyclists

    To make your riding experience the most pleasurable it can be, you bring your fanny pack along with you. In it, you pack some key items to support all aspects of your ride, whether it's a leisurely cruise or a grueling slog.

    Our Packed Fanny Pack Riding Essentials:

    #1 Multitool

    #2 Powerbar
    A hard ride can expend a lot of calories so replenishing is important. A powerbar is the perfect snack that takes up little space in your fanny but fills up your belly.

    #3 Spare T-Shirt
    Any physical activity performed intensely enough will cause the body to perspire, especially in the heat of the summer. During the ride it's not so much of a concern but when you get to where you're going, I'm sure your guests would appreciate a nice clean T.

    #4 Cell Phone
    There's not many places we go without our cell phones these days and a ride is no exception. Whether it's to text a friend to join you on your cycling adventure, call up a buddy to help you out of a jam, get the location of the pub in town, convert kPa to PSI, or just for peace of mind, the cell phone is the ultimate all-purpose tool.

    #5 Money Clip
    The money clip can be a great space saver. Sometimes you don’t need your entire purse or wallet, a credit card and a couple twenties will do just fine.

    #6 Spare air tube
    The road can be a precarious area for a soft rubber tire, so it's best to be prepared. With the right tools in your road side kit, a flat can be fixed at the point of puncture. Having a spare on you during the ride can save a lot of time and money.

    #7 Compact Pump
    The spare air tube isn't going to be much help without air. A compact pump will provide you with at least enough air to get to the nearest gas station where you can pump your new tire up to sufficient pressure.

    Fanny For Everyone: Play Date with the Kiddies!

    Kids are a lot of work and they demand a considerable amount of attention. Leaving the house with a child can be time consuming and it’s often difficult to remember all the items needed. The Fanny Factory fanny pack can help with those play date outings without having to drag around a heavy duffle bag.

    So there’s a playdate scheduled across town or maybe just down the road and you and your toddler are attending. It’s not for long, maybe an hour or two, so you won’t need the usual truck load of gear, just the essentials.

    In yours you want the important items, things like; a spare diaper, baby wipes, sanitizer, medication, Epipen (if needed), a snack, and your cell phone. Kids like to be involved and help out, so hey, why not have your little one wear a fun patterned fanny like "Frosty Shazam" with ice cream cones, or "Teenage Breakfast" featuring oooey-gooey pizza slices?

    They'll have fun packing in some of their personal items - a favourite toy or a small treat. This involves your little helper, takes some of the weight off of your own waist, they get their very own fanny pack, just like mom and dad!